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Publisher support pages for High School Instructors

Online Support for Dual Credit Students

Academic and Tutoring Services are ready and available to work with you and your students.

  • The combined ATS/SHeD/Support Zoom (direct link -- no L# required) is available for students to drop in for tutoring, technology help, or peer mentoring. Visit the Lane Tutoring webpage for more information and links!

Teaching Resources

    • Library Resources - This page has links to information about the LCC Library's Online Resources.

    • Google Docs Editors Help- This page offers one stop support for Google Apps. It includes a simple interface for basic questions (e.g. how do I insert comments in Sheets?) as well as tutorials and detailed help for different Google Products (check out this great, detailed overview of GoogleDocs).

    • Pearson Resources for Teaching Online - This page provides webinars and other resources for teachers and students.